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Finding Your Path…

COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills Starting September 2023

We get quite a few enquiries from folks who are right at the start of their journey to becoming a counsellor. They are usually unsure of what the first and next steps will be and get a bit confused by the different types of courses and levels of qualifications that are out there… so lets see if we can help a little bit.

If you haven’t done any counselling training before and are completely new to this… your first step can be the COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills SCQF Level 8. This is 4 Modules which are all 30 hours each and provide excellent grounding in the basic listening and attending skills as well as looking at the main counselling modalities and different life aspects such as ethics, transitions, culture, sexuality, grief and loss. Many who complete the course talk about an increased insight and awareness with a growing wisdom that trying to ‘rescue’ people from their troubles, isn’t that helpful!

Many who complete our Certificate Course go on to apply for our Diploma in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy SCQF Level 10. This is a bit of a jump academically but they are already familiar with reading, research, essay writing and skills practice so the basics are there, they just have to work a little more at becoming more critical and writing in a more academic way.

After the Diploma, as it has a placement activity of 120 hours in second year, they are able to practice as a Counsellor in the field and often go into education, health, third sector or start looking at setting up their own private practice. Some also carry on to thinking about further learning through our CPD programme or other opportunities. If you are just starting out, details of our Certificate Course, dates, fees etc. are on our website at the link below.